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Culture paper series
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product description

Major brands and varieties

Pik Wan days, cloud mirror, the clouded leopard, all wood pulp Shuangjiao Zhi; cloud lion, Yunhe "double gummed paper," Cedar "," pine "light paper; cold solid paper, green writing paper; book paper, cold solid paper, super sensitive paper

Weight range


Main production subsidiary

Zhanjiang chenming,Shouguang grohal factory,Shouguang thermal paper factory,Wuhan Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming, Jilin Chenming Shouguang, special paper factory

Main characteristics of products

High whiteness, good stiffness, high strength, surface smooth, accurate, clear printing Taoban

Scope of application

Suitable for printing books, textbooks, magazines, covers, illustrations, notebooks, papers, teaching material, etc.

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